Texas Instruments TI-92 Plus Computer

This page uses fonts Tifont and Ti92pc.

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Font screen shot

This group file contains the following files:

I have no artistic ability and am not going to try to design a decent font set, but this is something that the Image Editor will make easy. An easier method would be to create the font set in a graphics program and convert it to TI PIC's with my BMPtoTI program (PC only). This demonstration pack is just a few fonts--those that I created for use in Image Editor--and a simple program that will display them.

Each font set should exist in its own folder and have a font definition file (LIST) with the first two items being the height and width in pixels. I suggest that the third item be reserved as a flag for future use, and subsequent items used for author and copyright information.

If each individual font is saved as the characters exact width, a program can be written to display the font proportionally.

Font(textString, folderString,row,column)

Example using demonsatration pack (as shown in picture above):

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