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Comments on JavaScript and security: http://www.uncle.com/sjst.html

The security problems that exist in JavaScript change with the implementation of JavaScript -- at times they will be relatively minor and at other times very dangerous -- but JavaScript itself will always be insecure. The reason for this is that with it you are permitting anyone who wishes to do so to load and run a program (a script is a program) on your computer, and a web browser is not a sufficient security filter to avoid all poor or shortsighted implementation decisions and programming bugs. Whenever these poor decisions and bugs permit something to be done that will cause damage or frustration, someone WILL take advantage of them. One example can be found here: Red Sheriff.

To make your computer minimally safe you should avoid all "active content" abilities of your web browser: JavaScript (Active Scripting), ActiveX, Java, and all other forms of active content. The Internet has had HTML as the standard for web content since the very early days of the Internet. HTML is safe, passive, and with some programming done on the server it can make active content completely unnecessary. Newer standards permit active scripting in web browsers but such a security risk is almost never necessary. In the past, and still in the present, the WWW servers ran the necessary programs to produce a display and sent only their output to the web browser. This method is safe and the servers take any and all risks. But now most browsers will accept these potentially dangerous programs onto your computer and they will run there. The reason for this is that marketing experts can tickle your fancy much faster this way and it permits them to tickle the fancy of more people at the same time. To satisfy their greed they pass the risk off to you. There is another thing that they gain and that they loose: they can without your specific authorization obtain information about you and your computer that will help them in tickling your fancy much better in the future.

Don't let security problems be sent to your computer, let them be handled by the servers and let only passive content be sent to your computer; disable all active content.

See how vulnerable you are because of active scripting: http://www.anonymizer.com/snoop/test_hack.shtml