Texas Instruments TI-92 Plus Computer

Basic trigonometry functions

This is a script for use in the Text Editor

 :To create the following trigonometric
 :functions in the main folder, select
 :"F2" and "5:Execute to EOF" from the
 :   sec()     csc()     cot()
 :   arcsec()  arccsc()  arccot()
 :   vers()    covers()  hav()
 :   exsec()
 :End of text, execute above this line!
C:Define sec(ˆ)=1/(cos(ˆ))
C:Define csc(ˆ)=1/(sin(ˆ))
C:Define cot(ˆ)=1/(tan(ˆ))
C:Define arcsec(x)=cos°(x^(ͺ1))
C:Define arccsc(x)=sin°(x^(ͺ1))
C:Define arccot(x)=tan°(x^(ͺ1))
 :Seldom Used Functions
C:Define vers(ˆ)=1-cos(ˆ):¨    versine
C:Define covers(ˆ)=1-sin(ˆ):¨  coversine
C:Define hav(ˆ)=(1-cos(ˆ))/2:¨ haversine
C:Define exsec(ˆ)=sec(ˆ)-1:¨   exsecant
 :Script finished!