Texas Instruments TI-89 and TI-92 Plus Computer  

I have a few TI calculator programs that I've been making available on my web server for a few years but I will soon be canceling all of my Internet services. I expect that my files have been outdone many times since I wrote them but anyone wishing to do so may mirror or otherwise redistribute the site.

Frank Westlake

The programs on this site are offered as-is, since the author is no longer around to provide support.
Read Frank Westlake's warning of the dangers of JavaScript here.

There will not be any further updates to these files.

AMS version 2.03 was released December 09, 1999 and will necessitate some changes to all programs and functions available here. Predominately these changes will consist of modifying the comments to work with the new catalog and mode strings to work with language packages. Programs and functions which have been modified for AMS 2.03 will have this iconAMS 2.03 Compatiblenext to them.

Caution!: Hardware version 2 for the TI-89 and TI-92+ has some changes that may make some of these programs and functions unusable. I do not have a calculator with HW v2 so I am not able to ensure compatibility. If you are getting incorrect results with one of my math functions, please write to me at the address listed in the function.

Programming Notes 
AMS 2.03 CompatibleInternal
of Functions
and Programs
How to provide the most help from the VAR-LINK viewer. 
Using Dialog. 
Programs and Functions for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus
PRGM/FUNC Ver AMS Description
Internet Sockets
for the TI-89
andTI-92 Plus
v0.2 v1.0
Send and receive e-mail with your calculator. This program is still under construction but I have little time to work on it and I didn't want to hold it back. Requires Windows 95/Windows NT 4.0 or later.
v1.0 v1.05 Inverts a function and swaps the variables. 
AMS 2.03 CompatiblelSolve()
v1.1 v2.03 Solve a system of nonlinear equations in a list or matrix (single or multivariable). 
v1.0 v1.05 Reduce a number to its closest metric equivalent (i.e. metric(2000)=2 kilo("k")). 
v2.1 v2.03 Convert a string of numbers of any base to a string of numbers of another base. 
v1.0 v1.05 Convert numbers to a Roman numeral string and vice versa. 
Calculus Functions for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus
v0.1 v1.05  Directional Derivative and Gradient (Multivariable). 
v1.0 v1.05 Implicit Derivative of one or higher order (single or multivariable). 
v1.0 v1.05 Partial Derivative of one or higher order (single or multivariable). 
v1.0 v1.05 Total Derivative (Chain Rule). 
v1.0 v1.05 Euler's Numerical Method. 
v1.0 v2.03 Local Extrema (minimum, maximum, saddle point). 
v1.0 v2.03 Iterated integrals 
v1.1 v2.03 Lagrange optimization (minimum, maximum, with constraint). 
v1.2 v1.05 Limits (single or multivariable). Updated September 23, 1999. 
v1.1 v1.05 Standard Linear Approximation (single or multivariable). November 02, 1999. 
v1.1 v1.05 Approximates an integral using Riemann Sums (left, right, mid, Trapezoid, or Simpson's).
v0.1 v1.05 Taylor approximations for multivariable functions.

Programs for the TI-92 Plus 
PRGM/FUNC Ver AMS Description
Image Editor 
v2.2 v1.05 Create, load, edit, and save pictures and icons. 
font pack 
    A demonstration of how Image Editor can be used to create complete font sets.
 Trig functions
  N/A If you haven't already done it, create sec(), csc(), cot(), arcsec(), arccsc(), and arccot(). 

Programs for PC support of the TI-92 Plus and TI-89  (*Calculator versions tested with)
TIremote (TI-89,TI-92+)
v1.3 Description:

Operates the TI-89 and TI-92+ remotely via script (possibly the TI-89 too). 


  • (09/18/1999)- Added code to allow remote operations with the TI-89 (untested) 
  • (12/24/1998)- Fixed a bug that only occurred in Windows 95. 
  • (12/24/1998)- Fixed input bug. Added Repeat command (@r). 
TItools.zip (TI-89,TI-92+)

Several console utilities for creating RTF files from TI files, for copying bitmaps to and from PIC files, for copying text to and from TEXT and STR files, and for displaying information about all TI files. These are all Windows 32 bit console programs and will only work for TI-89, 92, and 92 Plus files, except that images can be copied from all TI calculator files (I think, let me know if I missed one). 


  •   TItoRTF- Converts TI TEXT, STR, and lab report files to RTF.
  •     TItoBMP- Copies TI PIC's into a BMP file or the clipboard.
  •     BMPtoTI- Copies BMP pictures to TI PIC files.
  •     TiToText- Copies TI TEXT and STR files to a regular text file or the clipboard.
  •     TextToTI- Copies regular text files to TI TEXT or STR files.
  •     TIinfo- Displays information about TI files; can fix checksums.
  •     TIlist- Displays a directory listing of TI files with internal file information.

  •     (10/14/1999)- Made some changes to TIList; better directory parsing, shows var size in groups.  
  •     (12/06/1998)- Made some changes to TItoRTF, it now uses Windows dialog boxes and launches your RTF reader if it is just double-clicked.  
  •     (12/05/1998)- Fixed a few bugs in some of the programs and added TItoRTF.exe, which converts TI text files, strings, and lab reports (with pictures) into RTF. TItoRTF.exe is in TItools.zip. 
CCE (TI-89,TI-92+)
a Description:

Future project. Control the calculator and transfer and edit variables. 

Public Domain Dedication
This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.